These are the questions we ask for all of rivers, lakes, and streams within the North Saskatchewan watershed.

We are a local waterbody preservation group dedicated to being a united voice for the North Saskatchewan River watershed and community from the Rocky Mountain headwaters to the forks, near Prince Albert where the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers meet.


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Revisiting Triclosan

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Last November, we were part of a group of over 50 health and environmental non-profits organizations that signed onto a public statement in support of prohibiting the use of Triclosan (a harmful anti-microbial agent) in Canada.  ... READ MORE

How clean is the North Saskatchewan River?

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When you ask someone about the quality of the North Saskatchewan River, clean might not be the first word they respond with. But saying the North Saskatchewan River is “dirty” isn’t correct. The... READ MORE

It’s National Fishing Week!

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Until July 12, it’s National Fishing Week in Canada.The program, which encourages Canadians to enjoy over one million lakes, rivers, and streams that dot our country, is sponsored by the Canadian National Sportfishing... READ MORE