Water News Program: Inform.

Through weekly blogs, social media, and outreach events, we provide news and updates that relate to the NSR Watershed and the status of our water. This program includes updates and news on issues and matters that affect you and your water and links to the resources available for further investigation.

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Water Watch Program:  Protect.

With our own hands-on pollution monitoring of the watershed and the many helpful eyes of our members and concerned citizens, Water Watch provides a one-stop follow-up program for citizen/member complaints to be addressed when observed in the watershed.

It works like this:

  1. You notice a water quality concern in your watershed. You take a photo, note your location, and send us a pollution report.
  2. Within 24 hours, we will respond to your report, ensuring that we received the concern. We immediately pass the report on to our contacts at Alberta Health Services, who issue a water advisory for that lake, river, or beach.

With your help, we ensure that water quality issues don’t get left unchecked – and help protect our community’s health from unclean water.

Submit pollution reports here.

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NSR Watershed Community Education: Inform and Connect.

You, your group, and your community wants to know more about the North Saskatchewan River and our organization. We hold public information sessions to inform and connect you to water events.

We are also available to speak to your group or community on local water issues. Contact us here for inquiries.

The NSRK has hosted and visited a number of student, youth, and community groups to provide presentations on the NSRK, the NSR Watershed, and specific issues related to our NSR Watershed.  These include public information sessions on pharmaceuticals, groundwater impacts, cumulative effects and the future of the NSR, environmental law, blue-green algae and a focus on our Lake Sturgeon. Your group is next!

We will speak to your group or community or organize on-the-water experiences whenever we can.  Contact us.