Executive Director/Riverkeeper: Glenn Isaac, B.Sc., LL.B,

Glenn has a science and law degree from the University of Alberta.  After a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, Glenn focused his efforts on organizing charity projects with a focus on supporting the Edmonton community and providing clean drinking water to impoverished communities abroad. Glenn’s travels with his wife, Carolynn, and starting a young family awakened him to the reality that we are all stewards of the watershed and global water supply- for now and future generations.  To summarise, Glenn is a concerned member of the water community who has taken his thoughts to actions to preserve and protect the great treasure on the banks of which he lives.

Glenn is in charge of the “hands on” activities of the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper.  He will be busy with a range of activities from monitoring the river, responding to citizen concerns and complaints, providing education and awareness on the watershed, providing recommendations, information and resources to members of the community interested in watershed  issues, working with other water preservation groups and individual citizens on water-related public consultations, and long term vision, program and project planning for the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper.

As the Executive Director and Riverkeeper, Glenn will be working hard every day towards a watershed where we can all safely and enjoyably swim, drink and fish.