Outreach Coordinator – Sadie Caron 

Sadie is the Outreach Coordinator for the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper. She is a graduate from the McGill School of Environment. Originally from Calgary, Sadie has shared her knowledge and passion for biodiversity conservation, public health, and water security through science education at the Telus – World of Science in Edmonton, as well as at the Biodome and the Biosphere in Montreal. In her spare time, Sadie loves cycling the trails along the river valley, scouting out local wildlife, and hiking (or skiing) in the Rockies. Her dream of swimmable, drinkable, fishable water has spanned her lifetime, from learning to swim at her grandparents cottage in Notre-Dame-du-Laus in Quebec, to playing in the waters of the Elbow River in Calgary, to studying water quality monitoring in Barbados. Sadie continues to share her love of water through her work with Swim Drink Fish and the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper.



Swimmable Water Intern – Rachel Stefaniuk

Rachel is the Swimmable Water Intern for the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper for the summer of 2019. She is currently studying Biology and Anthropology at the University of Alberta, and plans to pursue graduate studies in Public Health following her degree. Her passion for swimmable, drinkable and fishable water stems from enjoying summers at the cottage in Turtle Lake, SK, and growing up fishing on the North Saskatchewan River near her farm. Through working at Parks Canada she has gained valuable experience connecting the public to natural conservation issues, and looks forward to continuing this work within this role. In her free time she enjoys running, cycling and spending time by the North Saskatchewan River, and exploring local restaurants. She is excited to work within this role for the summer, and to support a future of swimmable, drinkable and fishable water for all.






Karen Percy Lowe


Born and raised near the Bow River in Banff, Karen has always felt a connection with water and passion for global water issues. An Olympic and professional downhill skier, Karen’s interest and concern grew when she was asked to ski with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the Annual Waterkeeper Alliance fundraiser in Banff six years ago. Wanting to bring her passion to the watersheds of her home province, Karen forged a lasting relationship with the Alliance. She is now an active Waterkeeper Trustee, and dedicates ongoing time and support to the efforts of the Waterkeeper Alliance.

Karen and co-founder Britt Standen worked hard to secure approval for the Saskatchewan Riverkeeper and become a licensed member of the Alliance. Karen has worked tirelessly with the directors and staff of Riverkeeper to build successful and impactful programs that truly engage the North Saskatchewan River Watershed community. Two-time Olympic Bronze Medalist, recipient of the Order of Canada, and mother of five, Karen can now count her leadership of this organization among her many achievements in making Edmonton and Alberta a healthy, vibrant community.



Britt Standen



Britt has always been closely connected to the North Saskatchewan River. Growing up along its banks, Britt spent her childhood water skiing, canoeing, cross-country skiing and walking the trails along the river with her parents. Her lifelong connection to the river made it a natural progression to “walk the talk” and co-found the Saskatchewan Riverkeeper group with Karen Percy-Lowe.

Since the inception of North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper, Britt has been an advocate for swimmable, drinkable, fishable watershed. She is currently the Vice President and Treasurer of North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper. Today, Britt is the president and owner of Physique Fitness Stores, Alberta’s premier retailer of fitness equipment. She continues to nurture her connection to the river with her husband, Craig, and two children.





Kevin Lowe

kevin_lowe_directorKevin’s interest in clean water grew out of his original bond with the Shuswap Lake. As he became educated on everyday practices that were threatening our watersheds, Kevin felt a pull to take responsibility for stewardship of this lake and other waters. Along with his wife Karen, Kevin has developed a leadership role as Canadian Trustees in the Waterkeeper Alliance. They have worked hard in collaboration with other Canadian waterkeepers to make the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper program a leader in the protection and preservation of our watershed.

As Vice Chair and Alternate Governor of the Oilers Entertainment Group and long-time resident of Edmonton, Kevin demonstrates commitment and dedication to making Edmonton a great city. Other endeavours include his support for fundraising efforts by the Stollery Children’s Hospital and his leadership role with the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation.





Mark Mattson

mark_directorAs President of Lake Ontario Waterkeeper (LOW), Mark Mattson works tirelessly to promote and defend the ideals that safe waterways belong to the people. In 2001, Mark founded LOW in an effort to give voice to the cares and concerns of the millions of people who depend on the Lake Ontario watershed.

Mark has appeared on behalf of clients in front of the International Water Tribunal in Amsterdam, and serves as the Canadian representative to Waterkeeper Alliance’s Board of Directors. Mark has been investigator and/or co-counsel on nearly every Fisheries Act private prosecution in Canada and has been credited with helping Ontario residents win some of the largest fines ever levied under Canada’s Fisheries Act. Mark also served as supervising attorney with the Clean Water Workshop, a program dedicated to mentoring law students and providing legal tools to citizens fighting for clean water in their communities.

Mark received his Bachelor of Arts from Queen’s University, graduated from the University of Windsor School of Law, and is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. Since Mark made the move from criminal law to a practice focused on environmental and regulatory matters, he has acted as counsel for environmental and public interest groups at over fifty hearings, including the Walkerton Inquiry.



Krystyn Tully

KrystynKrystyn Tully is LOW’s co-founder and Vice President. She oversees Lake Ontario Waterkeeper’s many programs, staff, and volunteers working to create a swimmable, drinkable, fishable Lake Ontario. After graduating from Ryerson University with a degree in Radio and Television Arts, Krystyn worked with Mark Mattson as a researcher at the Walkerton Inquiry. She also earned a second degree in Public Administration and Governance.

On behalf of LOW, Krystyn has written many comments on licenses and legislative proposals that have contributed to better decisions and environmental protections. She has appeared before the Federal Standing Committee on Transportation, Infrastructure and Communities (TRAN), and the Ontario Government Standing Committee on Legislative Affairs. Krystyn has also been a two-time contributer to the Great Lakes Town Hall, an international organization dedicated to identifying and addressing common issues across our shared Great Lakes. For many years, Krystyn Tully was the Lake Ontario Advisor to Great Lakes Aquatic Habitat Network Fund, now Freshwater Future.