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All About Flooding

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Depending on where you live, you may have experienced floods over your life or if you’re like me, you only know about flooding and the devastation it causes from the news channel. Flooding can happen in the most unlikely of … Continued

Quenching Water Podcasts

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Before podcasts I’m unsure how I kept my mind occupied while doing the dishes, driving long distances, or folding my laundry. If you’re like me, you have SO many podcasts on Apple or Spotify ‘favorited’ to listen to at some … Continued

Music of the Water

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Water’s beauty is almost indescribable. It provides us with more than words can encompass. Water reaches deep into our feelings and emotions. The joy of splashing in the waves, the calm of fishing, and the bliss of canoeing are all … Continued

Battle of the H2O: Bottled vs. Tap

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Bottled water is incredibly convenient. You can purchase it almost anywhere nowadays. When out and about, bottled water is the healthy choice among the sugary sodas, juices, and energy drinks that fill up the aisles of grocery stores. For many … Continued

Why Do Humans Love Water?

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Seeking out waterbodies is built into our DNA. They bring us joy, calm, fascination, and memories. My favourite moments are spent by the water. Like watching waves crash and slither back with the tides. Feeling the force of a river … Continued

Trash Tales

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  A plastic water bottle falls upon the river valley trail. Its owner was aiming for the recycling bin, but missed, initiating this bottle’s journey to new lands. A wind gust pushes the cylinder down the steep valley. It rolls … Continued

The Blue Bristles

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Walking though Edmonton in the winter you’ve probably seen them. Maybe you’ve wondered where they come from. Perhaps you’ve even wondered where they go. I definitely wondered what they were and why they are all over the place. What are … Continued

Sipping on the North Saskatchewan

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There is much uncertainty surrounding Edmonton’s drinking water. Is it safe drinking water? Why is there sediment in the water? Does the water taste good? The drinking water for the City of Edmonton goes through two water treatment plants run … Continued

What Does Water Pollution Look Like?

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The North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper ensures that we have a swimmable, drinkable, and fishable North Saskatchewan River. One of the ways that you can contribute to this goal is by reporting water pollution. Last week while giving a water presentation to … Continued

What’s a Watershed?

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Each and every one of us lives in a watershed. Many of us may not realize this, or may not even know what this means. Watersheds impact people’s lives and people have significant impacts on watersheds. In order to understand … Continued

Can I Flush it?

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I’ve often wondered about the flushability of everyday items. I have watched people in movies flushing medications down the toilet, I have flushed my dead fish down the toilet (RIP), and I sometimes wonder whether flushable wipes are truly flushable. … Continued

Set Sail on the North Sask.

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  There’s nothing quite like seeing Edmonton from the water. Floating down the river by boat, canoe, kayak, etc. provides a very different perspective of our city and is sure to make one appreciate the river valley in a new … Continued

Riverkeeper to launch new water literacy program in Edmonton

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  North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper is launching a new water literacy program in Edmonton. Beginning in spring 2017, a full-time coordinator at Riverkeeper will help local residents discover the watershed, find swimmable water, and document local water knowledge. The coordinator is part … Continued

Happy World Water Day 2016!

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Join us in celebrating World Water Day at North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper and learn more about how you can become a Canadian Water Leader! What is World Water Day? World Water Day is an international observance and an opportunity to learn … Continued

Watermark with Krystyn Tully

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My North Saskatchewan River watermark dates back to 2009. This was around the time Karen and Kevin Lowe, Mark Mattson, and Britt Standen were starting the Riverkeeper organization, based in Edmonton. I had been asked to join the board of … Continued

Sturgeon Hole Reach

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We prepared and submitted our letter of appeal in opposition of the approved permit application for a gravel pit in the Sturgeon Hole Reach Environmentally Significant Area of Parkland County (p.198). The lake sturgeon is an amazing fish and this … Continued

Synergy Alberta

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We were part of an expert panel on water allocation at the Synergy Alberta evening plenary session on November 4 in Edmonton. We reminded the audience that Albertans own the water and it is the public interest the government represents. … Continued

NSRK December 2014 Update

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The North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper (NSRK) continues our efforts toward swimmable, drinkable, fishable waters for us all. Our success in monitoring, informing, raising awareness, and responding to citizen concerns on a number of water quality issues continues every day.  Take a look … Continued

NSRK Fall 2014 Update

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The NSRK Fall 2014 Update is posted here. Check it out and see what we have been up to.  Briefly, we have been responding to a number of citizen/community concerns and looking for solutions. The Swim Guide for Alberta and Saskatchewan … Continued

“Stand Up for The River” on Saturday, August 16

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Saturday morning, August 16, is your chance to join the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper and “Stand Up for the River”. Come check out the Easy Rider Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) race and tour from Hawrelak/Laurier Park bridge or other viewing points along the the North SK River down to Rafter’s … Continued

Where can you swim in Alberta?

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While The Swim Guide ( does not have all the answers for swimming or water recreation in Alberta, it is a great starting point. The Waterkeeper Swim Guide for Alberta beaches and lakes  provides daily water quality updates for most … Continued

Glenn on City TV

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When we launched the RBC Blue Water Project in 2007, we decided to support two broad areas: watershed protection and access to clean drinking water. We felt that by casting such a wide net, we could get to know the … Continued