There are many ways you or your group can support us in making sure we have a watershed where we can all safely and enjoyably swim, drink and fish. Jump in!

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1. Share your Watermark

North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper is an official partner of Swim Drink Fish Canada’s Watermark Project. The project is a national database that documents Canadians’ stories about water. By sharing “watermarks”, Canadians from across the country can register a precious waterbody and tell their stories about why it’s worth protecting. There are many watermarks in the North Saskatchewan River Basin and with a number of them collected already, we look forward to hearing more stories over the coming year. Click here to read and watch the watermarks that your fellow watershed stewards have contributed and consider submitting one of your own!


2. Download the Swim Guide app and report pollution

Visit the Swim Guide website or download the app to your phone. North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper operates Swim Guide in partnership with Swim Drink Fish Canada and our interactive map will show you all of the closest beaches and includes the latest water quality information. Find out whether it’s safe to swim and if you see pollution, help protect our water bodies by reporting it here.


3. Get to know your waterbody and become a Riverkeeper Supporter

Make an intentional effort to spend time enjoying your local waterbodies and cherish your time on and near the water. Caring for our water starts with knowing it well and developing connections that are worth protecting. Becoming a supporter of the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper not only provides the foundation for our work – it connects you with a great community of water stewards who are working together to protect our rivers and lakes for generations to come.


For more ways to get involved, keep an eye on our blog and feel free to contact us anytime, we’d love to hear from you.