Lessons of an Accidental Beach – 2017 Water Monitoring Report

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Beach report assesses water quality, Brett Kissel joins Lowes to support protection of North Saskatchewan River

Swim Drink Fish Canada and North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper release river monitoring report and raise funds for clean water with Brett Kissel and Karen & Kevin Lowe on Saturday November 4, 2017


November 3, 2017 – EDMONTON –  Swim Drink Fish Canada and North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper released a joint report today that assesses recreational water quality in the North Saskatchewan River, “Lessons of an Accidental Beach.”

The report highlights the potential for water-based recreation on and in the North Saskatchewan River as well as the findings of a 2017 river monitoring program. Water is generally clean when it enters the City of Edmonton, but more frequently fails to meet Health Canada water recreation guidelines as the river progresses through the city. This is partly due to untreated stormwater discharges that enter the river throughout the city of Edmonton.

Given the love that Edmontonians have for their river, and especially in light of the outpouring of enthusiasm excited by the Accidental Beach, Swim Drink Fish Ambassador and North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper President, Karen Percy Lowe, is teaming up with singer Brett Kissel to host a fundraiser to protect the North Saskatchewan River. “A Celebration for the Heart of the River” takes place Saturday, November 4, 2017.

Proceeds from the event will support the work that Swim Drink Fish Canada and North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper are doing to promote water literacy in Edmonton.














Click to download full report (PDF)



“The North Saskatchewan River runs through the heart of Edmonton. It shapes our lives here. We’re hosting this fundraiser to bring together people who love their city. Together, we can make sure that everyone in Edmonton will be able to safely swim, drink, and fish in their river for many years to come.”

– Karen Percy Lowe, President of North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper organization and an ambassador for Swim Drink Fish Canada.


“We are honoured that Brett will perform for us on November 4. Because of leaders like Brett and Karen, more and more Edmontonians are connecting with their river. It’s inspiring to see the Swim Drink Fish community grow.”

– Mark Mattson, President of Swim Drink Fish Canada


“We’ve heard it loud and clear from Edmontonians – we love our river, whatever we need to do, whatever we need to invest, let’s keep it clean. The Beach at Cloverdale has reminded us of something that has been there in its own way all along. The river is the heart of our city and it is calling us home.”

– Hans Asfeldt, Water Literacy Manager for Swim Drink Fish Canada and North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper.


About Swim Drink Fish Canada & North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper

Swim Drink Fish Canada and North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper work to protect swimmable, drinkable, fishable water by blending science, law, education, and storytelling with technology. Together, these Canadian charities empower millions of people to know and safeguard their waters through the Edmonton Water Literacy Program, Swim Guide, Watermark Project, and Community Water Monitoring. These programs help to build a national movement of active, informed, and engaged individuals working to ensure their communities can swim, drink, and fish forever.



To coordinate an interview with Mark Mattson or Hans Asfeldt, please visit our contact page.

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