Transformations: The North Saskatchewan River in Winter

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The deep cold of winter has arrived, and with it, an opportunity to experience the natural world in a whole new way. Yesterday, I bought a new neck warmer to cover my face and to replace one that was lost during warmer times. Then, I headed down to Victoria Park armed with my cross-country skis and a camera.



Fresh tracks in the river valley. Fresh, crisp air, too.




A first look at the river and the last remaining hints of an autumn now long forgotten.




Even with a blanket of snow and ice, the endless flow of the North Saskatchewan River continues.




When you embark on a North Saskatchewan River adventure, it is not hard to imagine oneself a grand explorer discovering the incredible expanses of the Edmonton River Valley. You may well discover a brand new world – one that fits in the palm of your hand.




Other discoveries may be out of this world altogether.




Wherever you go, you will always leave footprints.




Wherever you have been, the weather will always bring a new blanket of snow.




So dare to venture into the cold, you never know what you will find.



Photos: Hans Asfeldt

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